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House Cleaning

September 21st, 2015
by Mark Stafford


I am so excited that we have officially kicked off our fall campaign…Protect His House.  I hope that you have found a group at Second Baytown and are joining us for this journey.  

As part of your house’s spiritual preparation for Protect His House I want to encourage you to do the following things this week:

  1. Pray that God would show you exactly how to make “Your House…HIS House” over the next 50 days and beyond.

  2. Begin reading your Bible daily this week in preparation for our daily readings which will begin next Sunday, September 27th.

  3. Pray daily for all those in your “house” that God will become the centerpiece of their lives.

I am so excited that we, as a church, are on this journey together. 



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Title Small Groups

Life was not meant to be experienced alone. We believe that life is best lived in relationship with others. Often times, it is in these unique relationships that we find encouragement, gain support, and grown in our faith.

Small Groups gives us an opportunity to experience life change. Our groups are made up of 6-15 people that meet together in homes in the Baytown area. To discover more about groups check out our groups home page.